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How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

 Does your purrfect bundle of joy have a habit of shredding your furniture? Sometimes it’s just too tempting, even for the most claw-careful kitty.

As scratching is a natural need for cats, they will naturally seek out surfaces that feel satisfying, and use them to flex their claws and have a good stretch.

But a scratch-happy kitty makes it difficult to keep furniture looking good! Luckily there are a number of steps you can take to help your kitty learn where they should - and shouldn’t - put their claws, to prevent your cat from shredding the sofa or clawing at your new bookshelf!

5 Top Tips To Stop Misplaced Cat Scratching


Cat On Scratched Sofa



  1. Clean all the scratched areas or marks in the home with just warm water or simply with soap. When cats scratch, they leave scent marks which make them feel happy! However, these markers also call your kitty back to the same spot for another scratch. Cleaning this scent off your furniture will take away some of that temptation.
  2. Provide your cat with their own scratching post. Your cat needs somewhere to stretch their claws! However, it can be tricky to encourage kitty approval - all cats are individuals - so make sure their scratching post reflects their personality for best results. Make sure you provide at least one scratching post per cat as they like to have their own territory to scratch and this will help them feel at home.
  3. Consider your kitty’s preferences. When choosing a scratching post, think about where your cat already likes to scratch. If your cat always heads for rough surfaces and fabrics they’re not alone! Placing a scratching post near your cat’s top scratch spot, or by their bed will help them learn that this is a good place to use. and will encourage them. A sturdy, strong post is also essential for your cat to be able to stretch the full length of their body - make sure it doesn’t wobble.
  4. FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY is also an effective, clinically proven way to help your cat learn where they should scratch. Applied to a scratching post, FELISCRATCH helps to attract your cat to scratch in a more kitty-friendly place. It can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, and sends a message to your cat that this is a good place to scratch; with both visual (blue lines) and invisible signals (“territory messages”). This helps even stubborn scratchers to move to a post instead of your furniture!
  5. FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY can also be used with FELIWAY Spray. FELIWAY should be sprayed where your cat has been scratching, such as the sofa - once you have cleaned it with warm water or mild soap. Remember not to use FELIWAY on the scratching post as this would stop your cat from using it!

 These tips can ensure that your cat doesn’t leave your furniture looking claw-ful, and will help you teach your kitty where to put their claws. However, if scratching is widespread in your house, this can be a sign that your cat is stressed.

Here, you can consider using the FELIWAY Diffuser to support your cat with reassuring messages - which in turn will help to stop unwanted scratching. Plug in a Diffuser wherever your cat spends the most time, especially if there are many affected areas, to help them feel safe and secure.

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