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How does the design of the farrowing unit affect the productivity of a sow herd

In any sow herd, the design of the farrowing unit is an essential issue for economic and productive success. It includes many factors ranging from the number of places, the size of the rooms, the size of the sites, the crates, the floor, the heating, the ventilation, etc.

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How to produce piglets without zinc oxide

Post-weaning diarrhea (PWD) is caused by Escherichia coli and it causes local and systemic effects such as diarrhea or dehydration. Sjölund et al. (2014) estimated that low-grade PWD entails annual costs of approximately €40 per sow.

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How herd immunity improves pig farm productivity

The use of antibiotics and other products, such as zinc oxide, is being affected by new legislation, especially in the European Union. In this context, strengthening the immune system of pigs (among others with the use of biological products such as vaccines) and, above all, considering the...

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How to improve piglet immunity in the farrowing unit

Infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of piglet mortality in the farrowing unit. Due to the epitheliochorial placentation of swine, piglets cannot obtain immunity in the womb. Furthermore, piglets are born with immature immune systems that are unable to mount a response against the...

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Farrowing Area Checklist

Successful pig farming depends on the farrowing area because, ultimately, productivity is how many pigs are sent out to market. Correctly managing the farrowing unit benefits every aspect of pig production: from piglet survival to days to next farrowing, from introducing diseases to sow longevity,...

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How to manage colostrum for optimal piglet performance

Reducing piglet mortality is a main objective of correct farrowing unit management. The main causes why piglets die is chilling, crushing and infectious diseases. Colostrum intake has a significant impact in all of these.

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Coccidiosis in piglets

Coccidiosis is a protozoal disease that affects the small intestine and causes scour in suckling piglets. It is characterised by sometimes watery, sometimes creamy diarrhoea that ranges from yellow to white and is foul-smelling.

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How to minimise Piglet Stress

All major events in a pig’s life cause stress. Pig farmers are usually focused on transport and weaning stress, the latter being the subject of much research. However, we should not neglect in utero, farrowing, and pre-weaning stress. 

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How to Reduce Piglet Mortality in the Farrowing Unit

The productivity of a pig herd is measured in terms of pigs (or kg) produced per sow per year. Piglet mortality saps your farm’s productivity right from the start. Furthermore, mortality in the farrowing unit remains the highest in the industry, compared to other stages. Pre-weaning mortality in...

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