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3 Things You Need to Know About FELIWAY Optimum!

Is your kitty a cool cat in everyday situations? Or does modern life sometimes leave them feeling a little concerned?

There’s lots going on for our kitties to consider! Although we all love our cats - and would love to be with them all the time! - busy lifestyles, and day-to-day changes can sometimes cause our pets to show visible signs of stress; such as scratching, spraying, tensions or conflicts.

FELIWAY has been helping cat parents support their cats for over 20 years. We know that cat parents want the very best for their cats, so research into cat communication has continued, and has led to the discovery and development of a new feline pheromone complex - FELIWAY Optimum!

So what is FELIWAY Optimum, and how can it help our kitties stay serene, and cope with stressful situations?

3 Things You Need to Know About FELIWAY Optimum

1. FELIWAY Optimum - a New Discovery!

Did you know, FELIWAY® Optimum is based on a brand new Feline Pheromone Complex,  discovered after eight years of research? With this discovery, just like the way we use multiple notes on a piano to create a melody, we've combined elements of feline communication to create a new impactful message to help cats cope in more situations than ever before.

feliway optimum diffuser

Cats naturally produce pheromones. Some of these are invisible calming messages. 

FELIWAY® Optimum contains the most advanced Feline Pheromones Complex, which helps to resolve all common signs of stress in cats by sending messages of comfort and harmony.


The new Feline Pheromone Complex in FELIWAY Optimum provides cats with a message of enhanced serenity, helping them feel more comfortable and secure in their home, as well as providing harmony between cats living together. FELIWAY Optimum helps cats with more signs of stress, in more situations, and calms cats better than ever!

2. It helps your Feline Friend and your Family!

bonding with your cat FELIWAY Optimum

All cat parents want the best for their kitties. The great news is that FELIWAY Optimum is clinically proven: around 73% of kitties reduced the intensity of unwanted scratching happening in their home (great news for the furniture), while there was a reduced amount of urine spraying in 77% of cats following the use of FELIWAY Optimum for a month.

For kitties who are a little wary of each other or in conflict, FELIWAY Optimum supported their relationship, with 72% of cats showing less tension after 1 month. Cats that find change challenging and find that they need to hide more to cope can also be supported, with 73% hiding less after the use of FELIWAY Optimum.

3. Happier Cats!

Helping your kitty to stay serene with FELIWAY Optimum helps to build your bond with them, and leads to happier cats! 93% of cat parents have seen enhanced serenity in their kitty within 1 month of using FELIWAY Optimum, and say their pet is happier than before!

A Happy Family!

We all want to support our cats, whatever life throws at us. FELIWAY Optimum is designed to help cat parents do just that; help cats to cope with the stress of our modern lives. And it’s not just our kitties who stay serene! The number of cat parents reporting their cat as being ‘extremely happy’ doubled after using FELIWAY Optimum.

FELIWAY Optimum is an ideal new FELIWAY® product for owners wanting the very best for their kitty. Try it now to bring advanced serenity to your feline friend!

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