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7 New Year's Resolutions That Will Benefit You and Your Cat

New year, new you? Now that the flurry of the festivities are over, it's the purr-fect time to make resolutions for the year ahead.

Whether it’s getting into yoga, learning a new skill or reading more books, it’s in our nature to want to improve ourselves and live in the best possible way. Why not pick some resolutions that will make both you and your cat happier?

We've listed seven resolutions that will help you and your cat be even happier together in 2021.

1. Go out less, stay in more

cozy cat indoors

Despite the challenges throughout 2020, having a busy after hours schedule can be tough on your feline friend.

Therefore it seems likely that your kitty might be hoping one of your New Year’s resolutions will include cutting back on the cocktail nights and allowing more time to help them enjoy all the pawsome toys you got them for Christmas.

They'll agree to greet you with an affectionate head-bump if you can make their curfew!

2. Feeding time

cat feeding time

Your cat is a big fan of routine and in 2021 they want you to embrace it too.

How many times have you created a feeding schedule for your kitty but reverted back to random times after a few weeks?

This year aim to keep your cat happy by sticking to a strict eating plan. Having a routine helps them cope with changes in the house and mealtime becomes an important way for you and your cat to maintain a strong bond. Also, consider getting them a puzzle feeder toy. This will keep them occupied and making them less dependent upon you.

3. You snooze, you lose

kitty playing in box

We all resolve to be more active in the New Year, and your cat wants to do the same.

Yes, they still plan to get in their daily sleep requirements (12 to 16 hours to be exact) but in between their naps, they’d like you to consider joining them for some interactive play sessions and 3 a.m. sprints around the living room!

Your cat might have a favourite type of toy - anything from cardboard boxes to things on strings - so make the New Year a time for finding their preferred play equipment and bonding together.

4. Spring cleaning

cat grooming doing some spring cleaning

We all know how much our feline friends love a good clean (think of all the hairballs!), so we're pretty sure they would see the New Year as the ideal time to tidy up all their belongings.

Why not copy the cat code and give the entire home a good clear out for the New Year?

Getting into a cleaning routine this year will not only make your furry friend feel more at home, but all that housework is also a good way for humans to de-stress as well!

5. Become your kitty’s diet guru

kitten eating from food bowl

The holidays can be hard on all our waistlines (human and feline), so we're certain your kitty would appreciate you including them in your New Year health kick.

You can help them achieve their goal weight by finding an age appropriate meal plan for them. The result? A trim and happy feline in 2021.

It doesn’t take much to get them moving either - so invest in a fun feather toy that your furry friend can chase after to help them lose those extra pounds!

6. New year, new look

cat getting groomed for new look

New Year, new kitty. In 2021, your cat wants you to take their grooming habits just as seriously as your own.

Next time you book your pal in to see the vet, arrange a visit to the groomer as well to treat your cat to a fresh shampoo, manicure and trim.

While cats do most of their necessary grooming themselves, they might need a helping hand keeping their coats in tip-top condition, especially if your kitty is a longhair.

7. Those who nap together stay together

cat and mom napping together

Cats and humans share a love of napping.

Your kitty plans to spend the first few months of the New Year taking refuge from the winter cold by cozying up on the sofa.

Next time you spot your feline napping on the sofa, why not join them? It'll give you the chance to spend some quality time together - and an excuse to get some extra sleep!

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