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9 Signs That Your Cat Rules The House!

Have you come to the realization that you’re not the boss of your own house? Is there a new, feline chief, head honcho, or kitty kingpin around?

Your demotion probably started the day you adopted your cat, when (understandably) all focus switched to ensure your cat was settled, content and received all the best attention!

Enter: Top Cat [a noun] meaning ‘the most powerful or important person’ - or cat in this case! We wouldn’t have it any other way, but in case you are in any doubt, here are 9 signs that your cat rules the house!cat content with owner

1. Only Cats Allowed

Has your cat got more than one favourite spot where they like to relax or retreat to? Cats like to have different perfect places to nap, to view in safety, or for a little sunbathing.

  • You may have had to move things around so that they have a comfy cushion sitting on the windowsill for a perfect catnap in the sunshine.
  • Have you moved that picture from the high shelf because that’s where kitty likes to sit and watch in safety?
  • Are your plants cat-safe? Remember, now that you have a cat, there are new rules about the best plants to have in your home – Moth Orchids or Cat grass are good!
  • Have you put their bed in a place they feel secure?  This is particularly important if you have other pets in the household.  

Having their favourite spaces around the home is important to ensure your kitty feels safe and secure. You will find that they make the decision on where that space should be;  they will visit it frequently, and all you need to do is make it secure and comfy for them.

2.  Cat’s Comfort Room

No one likes to be watched while using the loo, so why should a cat feel any different? Our cats descend from the African wild cat, who naturally buried their deposits so that their predators could not trace them. If you have an outdoor cat, they will probably have found a favourite spot to do the same!

However, they may well prefer to come indoors to do their ‘private business’ so you need to provide the appropriate facilities for them. Don’t forget, they like privacy, cleanliness and being away from noise – so you need to find a place (or places, for multiple trays) where your cat can perform in peace. Place their litter tray somewhere that they can easily access, and that is away from noisy appliances like washing machines. Make sure it is in a quiet corner away from general traffic areas.

cat working at home with owner

3. Kitty’s Little Helper

Lockdown has meant that a lot of people have had to adjust to working from home, but what does your cat think of it?  

Curiosity will probably get the best of them and you will most likely find them wandering across in front of your laptop and taking control of your meeting. However, they can be distracted if you follow Kitty’s Tips for Working from Home! Straight from the moggy’s mouth!

4. Keep to Their Routine

It’s important that our feline friends have a routine. They don’t like change and they do like to know what the day ahead looks like. When routines do need to change however, FELIWAY CLASSIC can help your cat to adjust and stay serene as they adapt.

Do you find your cat is always happy if you wake up early? Remember that cats are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk! When they see that sun rising, it’s their opinion that everyone should be up to get on with their day. As long as you feed them at the right time, change their litter tray, go to work and return at the right time – and manage to fit in some playtime at dusk – you will have a very happy kitty and a peaceful house.

5.  Don’t Change Things Around

Humans like change – unfortunately, cats don’t! Cats can get anxious if you move furniture around, decorate or even invite visitors to your home. They will, of course, adapt over time but it’s sensible to make any changes gradually to make sure your kitty adjusts.

happy cat getting pet by owner

6.  Learn to Speak Cat!

A cat can’t talk, so we need to learn to understand their body language.

From tail swishing to ear positions, and slow blinking to kneading, our cats expect us to understand what they are telling us and for us to act accordingly – they have us well trained!

7.  Interaction on Their Terms

With time and patience, it is of course possible to train your cat to come when you call them and to get used to certain important things, like their cat carrier, having their nails clipped etc. but you have to pick your moments carefully – they won’t always be receptive. They may have more important things to do like using their scratching post, or sitting on that comfy windowsill you have prepared for them.  

Allow them to come to you on their terms and teach them new things gradually.

8.  The Way to Their Heart

Have you discovered they will only eat treats that have been homemade? They know that you only want the best for them and that your yummy treats are just, well, extra yummy!  Have they got you wrapped around their tail when they rub their body against your leg and miaow and purr..? Is the treat jar getting empty – you’d better get baking!

working from home with cat

9.  You’re Always There for Them

Your cat knows that you will do everything you can to ensure they are safe, healthy and have a wonderful life. You even make sure that they feel secure and serene every day by using FELIWAY CLASSIC!

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