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A Kitty's Point of View: 'My purrfect day'

If you could see inside the mind of your kitty, what would they think as they go through their day - and what would they get up to?

Want to understand your kitty even better? Take a look inside a day in the life of our kitty!

A Cat’s-Eye View - My Purrfect Day!

[06.00 AM] Time to wake up!

Purrrr… good morning! It looks like a bright and sunny day… I’m so cozy curled up here in my bed, I’m tempted to stay here and snooze for a bit longer! It’s very important that I get my beauty sleep, although there is a lot to do today!

Did you know that cat’s like me spend up to 50-70% of their day sleeping - I bet humans are really jealous! They always groan when the alarm wakes them up! Some of the time we’re actually sleeping whereas around a third of this nap time is just resting our eyes!

[06.10 AM] Scratch

On second thoughts, purrrrhaps I should get up and explore the day! Mornings and evenings are some of my most active times!

Getting up out of my bed, the first thing to do today is... stretch! Flexing my paws, muscles and stretching my tail in the morning is the best feeling!

Hmm my claws are feeling like they need a bit of attention. Luckily my scratching post is right next to my bed. Stretching my muscles and keeping my claws in shape is the first thing I like to do when I wake up! It’s basically my equivalent of going to a spa!

Scratching on my post also helps me to keep my territory scent markers up to date! It’s like a kitty noticeboard - one quick look and sniff of this post, and any intruding kitties will know this is my space, and to keep away!

cat's point of view

[06.30 AM] Litter box!

Everyone needs a quick bathroom break after they wake up in the morning! I like to use the litter box when it is calm and quiet in the house - and I know I won’t be disturbed. My humans are very good at keeping this space clean - I could never use a dirty box! I’m a very careful, clean kitty and I have high standards!

Did you know? Eating, drinking and toileting take up a very small percentage of a kitty day – only up to an hour in total. That leaves us plenty of time for fun, games and of course cat napping in our favourite spaces.

[06.45 AM] Grooming

No self-respecting kitty would go anywhere without a little grooming. Time for an all-over morning wash to keep my coat in purrfect condition and make sure I look as purrrrfect as possible! A little self-care will also give me time to think about my day!

Did you know, grooming takes up 25-30% of my day? We just love it! It helps us say clean, distributes the right oils through our coat, and is also very soothing! Sometimes if I'm feeling a bit unsure how to handle a situation, having a quick groom will help give me some thinking space!

[07.00 - 07.30 AM] Breakfast time!

After all that hard work, I’m hungry!

Better see if my human is awake… it’s time for my breakfast! There’s a gap in the bedroom door… but my lazy humans are still asleep! Don’t they know that some of us have things to do!?

I have a plan however; usually if I sit on top of them and meow loud enough, they wake up…

Miaow!! Today my plan has worked very well - I have a delicious breakfast to enjoy while my human runs around. I think they are getting ready to go out. I don’t know what they get up to in the day but it seems to keep them busy!

Cat's point of view drinking water

[08.00 AM] Rest time

Watching my human rush around and leave for the day is tiring! Time for a little after-breakfast rest.

I’ve found a cozy spot high up on top of a shelf - I can see most of the house from here, it’s the perfect place to sit and watch my home, and make sure everything is ok. I spend up to a tenth of my day watching my territory and taking in as much information as I can. Perching up high is the best place to do this so I like the window sill, the top of the bookshelf and scaling the wall. I can also give my coat another groom and make sure there’s not a hair out of place.

[09.30 - 11.00 AM] Exploring!

Time to go and explore my territory rather than just watch it! It’s important to make sure everything is ok, there are no invaders, and to update all my scent markers with some well placed face rubs!

Uh oh… when I walk through the kitchen I have to run past the dishwasher. My human turned it on and I hate the noise it makes! It’s loud and scary! (But at least it isn’t the vacuum!).

A quick dash through, and I can make it up the staircase! There’s plenty to examine here; there are lots of items to check out, things to sniff, and hiding places to review!

If I sit up high on a windowsill, I can also watch what’s happening outside - I could do that for hours!

Today there are no other neighborhood cats outside. But last week I had to stare and hiss at an intruder for 5 minutes until they ran away - they need to know that this is MY house!! I spend at least a tenth of my day checking my territory and leaving markers - ideally, I like to do this at the same time every day.

[12.00 - 17.00 PM] Grooming, snacks and resting

All that morning exploring has me worn out, so I think I’ll spend the afternoon resting, napping, watching my territory - and of course, grooming my coat! It takes a lot of work to look this perfect! I might also have another scratch on my scratching post later, just to stretch out after a nice nap!

A quick lunchtime and mid-afternoon snack break at my food bowl will also help me to recharge and get some energy before tonight, I’ve got lots to do later!

  • Did you know? Cats like to eat small meals during the day (a bit like grazing or snacking) as in the wild we would catch small prey as and when we can. A puzzle feeder or activity feeder, plus the opportunity to eat small meals during the day allows a cat to eat when they feel comfortable - when they are not under threat and in a safe, quiet place.

I have also spotted something plugged into the room of the living room wall - I heard the humans call it ‘FELIWAY’. I’m not sure what it’s for, but I do feel happier and more relaxed now that it’s there. Even the dishwasher seems less scary!

[17.00 - 18.00 PM] My human is home - and it’s playtime!

My human came home and must have missed me - they love to fuss me when they come back! As they always smell like the outside when they come back, I make sure I rub my face on their legs, it’s important that they have my familiar scent back on them!

Playtime is one of the best parts of the day with my human. We always play just after they come home. My favorite game is chase - there’s a mouse on a string that thinks I won’t get it, but I always catch it in my claws!! Dusk is one of the best times to run around - when the sun goes down, my purrfect kitty eyes are able to see really well, and I feel like running and chasing!

After lots of running around, I sometimes let my human brush my coat and pet me while I’m tired. Having help to do some of my grooming - just NOT on my belly! - is nice, plus they have a cozy lap! (And sometimes, they give me a few tasty treats at the same time!)

  • Did you know? Outdoor cats may have more time ‘playing’ during the day as there are lots of things to ‘hunt outside’. Ideally my playtime should last at least an hour per day, which can be split into shorter sessions for indoor cats like me. We’re more active at dusk and dawn naturally, making these my favourite play times!

[19.00 - 21.00 PM] Dinner time and sleep!

After playtime, and once I’m looking purrfect again, it’s time for dinner! Hopefully today I’ll get a little bit of tuna with my food, that’s my favorite!

Then it’s time for another rest after dinner, a bit more grooming - and maybe a snooze! I think I might curl up next to my human on the sofa for a while, I think we’re both tired out, and ready for a good night’s sleep!

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