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A Kitty's Point of View: Why Does My Cat Fold Their Paws?

I’m sure you’ll agree - there’s nothing nicer than feeling relaxed and comfortable!

Everyone has their favourite way of relaxing; some humans relax while reading a book, some prefer to watch the TV with their feet up. My favourite position is sitting on the windowsill, in the sunshine, with my paws folded underneath and watching the world go by.

cat with fold paws sitting in sunshine

What’s this position called?

I’ve heard my humans say that I’m in the ‘Cat Loaf’ position; apparently, I look like a loaf of bread when I sit like this – I suppose I am a similar colour and I can look a little ‘rounded’ when I have my paws tucked underneath. I only sit like this when I feel safe and I know I cannot be disturbed – but I also know that I can get up quickly from this position if I need to.

It’s also a good way for me to keep warm, all snuggled up and cozy. Just as I like to keep warm in a box too! I would say that a box is the next best thing to a warm windowsill.  It’s very cozy inside because it is made up of multiple layers and it’s also a good hiding place if I want to get away from that pesky dog!

ginger cat with paws folded

Please do not disturb me!

Just because I slowly blink when I’m in this position, it doesn’t mean I want to interact with anything or anyone. I’m just being polite and saying ‘hello’ but please leave me alone – I’m very happy where I am and I do not want to be stroked or played with. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to be stroked or I want to play.

Do all cats sit in the Loaf position?

No! I’m not the only cat who lives here – my humans adopted my brother too and he uses the Sphinx position when he relaxes. This is very similar to the loaf position, but instead of tucking his head down, he keeps his head up and erect and both front feet will be pointing straight ahead.  He prefers to keep alert all the time, just in case anything passes by that he wants to avoid (or catch!).

cat sat in loaf position

It doesn’t mean he isn’t relaxed, it’s just that he prefers a different position.

Other happy kitty positions

There are lots of positions I like to relax in – it’s lovely to have a choice!

Laying down with one paw-out

It might look as if I’m trying to copy my mummy human when she’s doing yoga, but I’m not.  If I’m lying in this position, it just means I can clean myself easily!

Lying on my back

This also means that I’m feeling happy and content, but don’t be tempted to stroke my tummy. That’s definitely a no-go area! I prefer you to stroke my back or my head.

cat on owners lap

Fully outstretched on my side

I feel really chilled out when I’m laying on my side – especially if I’m in front of a lovely warm fire. It can make me feel really sleepy and I might even start to twitch if I’m dreaming, but please do not disturb me – let me wake up on my own gradually.

Curled into a ball

When I’m curled up into a ball, I feel very snug and comfortable.  This position also keeps my organs protected and warm.

cat fold paws in sunshine

My humans are very good – they know my body language and they have learned when I want to play and, importantly, when I don’t want to play. They help to keep me very calm (which is sometimes difficult when you are sharing your home with another cat) and they always use FELIWAY CLASSIC in the room where I spend most of my time. I always feel calm and serene when I’m around FELIWAY.

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