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Cat-Astrophy! 7 Embarrassing Kitty Moments!

Have you got a cat that thinks it’s the coolest on the block? Do they strut their stuff… or are they a little more accident-prone?

All cats are cool, but sometimes that confident exterior slips, leading to some embarrassing kitty moments. Here are some hilarious stories:

Cat staring at snacks on coffee table

What just happened?

1. Coffee tables are made for cats, right? They like to jump on and off, often enroute to a comfy sofa or the next level up. But sometimes you have to do a double-take, as reported by one cat owner! “The glass top of my coffee table broke, and I had removed it. She went to jump on it! The funny part wasn't that she was surprised she had landed under the table instead of on top of it; it was when she looked up where the glass was supposed to be, walked out of the table frame, and immediately tried it again!”

Something burning?

2. Cats and candles don’t mix, as proven by this cat owner! “On the evening we came home from Thanksgiving, my husband lit a scented candle on the table. About half an hour later, our 10 year old tortie climbed up on the table, walked over to the candle, and belly flopped onto it! Her belly hair caught fire - and she has such long hair she didn't feel it and just lay there - while my husband sprung into action fast, and patted it out!!”

Grey cat laying on pile of papers

Papers everywhere!

3. A jumpy moment! “One of my cats jumps at everything. She was on the counter (where she is not allowed), so to move her, I touched her when she wasn't expecting it. I accidentally spooked her and she jumped so high, she fell off the counter and sent all of the papers everywhere. She tried to run away but ended up running on the spot because her claws kept slipping on the wooden floor”. We hope this kitty wasn’t too surprised and found her feet soon after!

You’ve got mail!

4. ‘Beware Cat Attack’! This kitty owner reported that her cat attacked the mailman like a guard dog. Although she was normally a friendly cat, there was something about the mailman she didn’t like. They even got a notice that any further incidents would lead to their house being blacklisted!


5. This cat knew that it’s rude to lick your plate! An owner reported “I once had a cat that would drink his water from his paw. He turned his paw into a spoon, scooped up some water, and drank it that way. He couldn't bother to get his whiskers wet.”

Cat sitting next to tipped over potted plant

A leap of faith

6. Cool, calm and collected - three things this cat definitely was not! A simple attempt to leap gracefully onto a wall ended in failure and lots of embarrassment for this kitty. With a gentle jump onto a car, things were going well. Next was the jump onto a not-so-high wall. However, with flailing arms and legs, this cat didn’t come close! Not one to be beaten, it was back on the car for a second attempt. More flailing arms and more failure meant this cat walked away with its tail between its legs - and embarrassed cats everywhere!

A stolen snack!

7. When one kitty lover was ‘adopted’ by an orange tomcat, they didn't expect to have to share their meals with their new friend quite so literally!

After cooking a whole chicken one day, leaving it out on a plate to cool, and going to make a phone call, this kitty’s friend came back to find an empty plate - with no trace of chicken anywhere! Looking into the garden, they spotted their orange friend dragging the chicken across the lawn!

After hastily retrieving the chicken, the hungry kitty followed them, jumped up on the counter and tried to grab the whole chicken again, knocking it back to the floor and insisting “that’s mine!”


Have you got some Embarrassing kitty moments that you would like to share with us? We would love to hear from you via any of our social media channels!


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