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How Does FELIWAY Optimum Work?

Theoretically, cats and humans shouldn’t get along!

We have busy modern lives, we socialize, and our daily routines often change with people coming and going at different times. We humans can also be quite noisy at times, we play loud music, and we sometimes have both cats and dogs in our homes! All this goes against our cats natural instincts and requirements!

Cats like stability, peace and quiet, and they like to be in control! They also like their own territory and aren’t big fans of sharing...

But we do get along and are the best of friends!  

Exploring our Kitty / Human Relationship!

Feliway Optimum for a happy cat

Although it’s almost impossible to get a complete handle on numbers, there are reported to be over 600 million cats in the world!  Of course, not all of these are pet cats! But the New York Times reported that all of our cats are descended from one matriarchal wildcat which crept into a village of an early human settlement, 10,000 years ago, where she was adopted and from there we now have her descendants - our domestic cats.

Generations later and we are still trying to figure out what our cats are thinking, how they are feeling and making sure that we do everything we can to ensure they have a safe, happy and serene life.

a happy cat and feliway optimum

The FELIWAY research team have always been fascinated by the way cats communicate and we have discovered over the years that they do this by using certain invisible messages, called pheromones.  

FELIWAY Classic reproduces this simple and naturally “comforting message” for cats and, thanks to bioengineering research, we have recently understood and precisely mapped the way cats perceive these pheromones - which has led to the discovery of a new Feline Pheromone Complex, FELIWAY Optimum.

What is FELIWAY Optimum and how does it work?

FELIWAY Optimum, is based on the discovery of a New Feline Pheromone Complex. For over 20 years the research team at FELIWAY have been constantly working to further their expertise in cat communication. Their passion to try and become even better at speaking ‘cat’ has led to an exciting breakthrough.

The FELIWAY research team have discovered some of the key messages that are used by cats to communicate with the world around them, and developed and included them in FELIWAY Optimum. These include:

  • Happy messages – cats leave these messages in their environment when they feel comfortable and happy
  • Harmony messages – a mother produces these messages for her kittens

Thanks to new technologies, the team have discovered a New Feline Pheromone Complex which now provides a message of enhanced serenity to cats. This holistic message helps all cats feel more comfortable and secure in their home by providing reassurance and also fosters harmony between cats living together.  

Thanks to the advanced messaging of the New Feline Pheromone Complex, FELIWAY Optimum provides cats with a message of enhanced serenity. That’s why FELIWAY Optimum will make your kitty happier and your relationship with them even better!

How can FELIWAY Optimum help my cat?

How Feliway Optimum can help cats

There are many things that can be stressful for cats which may be almost impossible for us to detect - for example, we may bring different scents home on our clothing when we return from work or school - and your feline friend may detect this foreign scent and feel threatened or anxious as it is something out of the ordinary for them. Changes around the home, such as redecorating, a new addition to the family, or a change in routine can unsettle them.

Your feline friend may show their anxiety or stress by hiding, scratching furniture or they may start urine spraying - when they have not done this before.  Some signs may be less obvious to start with - for example, your cat may become less active, or they may start over-grooming - but recognizing, understanding the reasons and resolving the issues, is key to ensuring your cat is fully happy.

T-D92110J - Feliway Optimum Starter Kit smallerHowever, thanks to the advanced messaging of the New Feline Pheromone complex, using FELIWAY Optimum in your home will provide your furbaby with a message of enhanced serenity and help them feel more comfortable and secure - as well as help them to cope with day to day stressful situations, that we humans accept in our lives.

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