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How To Help Your Cat Age Gracefully

Eventually age gets the better of all of us. Us humans have all sorts of ways of helping our elderly friends, but when it comes to our beloved cats it's not always obvious what is going on.

It's not easy to see an old friend struggle.

Declined hearing and eyesight can leave your aged feline confused, and you may start to notice them finding everyday things more challenging than they did before - not a nice experience for you or for them.

Thankfully, there are a host of methods you can employ to help your old cat age with a little more grace...

1. Senior routine

Cat sleeping in kitty bedYou know how you like things structured and organized? It gives you a sense of comfort: your aging cat is no different!

As you probably already know, your feline enjoys having a (not always productive) daily routine. Sticking to this routine only becomes more important as they get older.

Your cat​’​s senior brain isn't what it used to be and, as a result, they can easily become confused by change.

Keeping a structured routine will help them easily predict the day ahead, which will leave them feeling relaxed and happy.

2. Life transitions

Older kitty sleeping with bookNo one likes change!

Some changes, however, are unavoidable - much to your feline​’​s dismay.

House moves, new family members, travels to the vet - all things that can disrupt your elderly cat​’​s familiar and safe routine and leave them feeling unhappy.

Make sure any changes - big or small - are made slowly and correctly. It’s like putting a fish in a new bowl: you have to ease them in and let them get used to the new temperature. Your cat is the same, but instead of temperature it’s all about new surroundings, sounds and people they may be encountering.

3. Comfort in a diffuser

FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser Starter KitAs humans we have things that bring us peace of mind. Maybe it’s your favourite mug to have coffee from, maybe it’s a comfortable hoodie that you snuggle up in. Cats, as we all know, LOVE a little creature comfort.

FELIWAY can help you create a loving and comfortable environment for your old kitty.

All you need to do is plug a FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser in the room your cat spends most of their time in to reinforce confidence and make them feel more safe at home.

4. Move into one bedroom

Older cat eating from food dishJust like humans, who usually resort to living in a bungalow, cats become less mobile as they age and may benefit from a smaller living space, i.e. one room in your home.

This cozy hideaway should contain everything they need: food, water, a litter box, a scratching post and resting and hiding places. Just remember to keep the litter box and food as far apart as possible - your cat will be grateful for this little attention to detail.

5. Easy access

Older cat inspecting cat litter boxYour senior cat has the same daily needs but may find it more difficult to get to their resources.

You should therefore make sure they have easy access to everything - food, water, litter box etc. They shouldn't have to scurry up the stairs unless they want to - not even to nap!

Remember to also make sure the walls of the litter box aren't too high as this is often a problem when cats get older and have difficulties to go in, due to arthritis or any other painful condition.

6. Active body, healthy mind

Older cat with cat toyEven in old age people like to have fun. Your kitty is no different!

Experts recommend daily play sessions with your older cat to keep their brain and body active and alert.

Be sure to keep play-activity simple and safe i.e nothing too difficult - your feline isn't a kitten anymore!

Remember, your cat might be getting old but that doesn’t mean they are not still your beloved best friend. Follow these tips and you can ensure you and your cat live happily together for as long as possible.

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