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How To Help Your Cat Move To A New Home

Helping your cat move to a new home

Moving to an unfamiliar new place can be unsettling for anyone, but for cats it’s a whole different story.

Cats are by nature territorial animals so when we move to a new house, we are taking our awesome little fur-babies to a territory that is not their own. But there are ways of making your kitty feel like your new house is perfect.

Follow these FELIWAY tips to ensure you and your furry friend are able to move together and be happy:


Cats are creatures of habit. They know what they like and they know where they like it. So when you start to pack boxes in their territory (your house, their home), they are going to know something is up.

One way to keep your kitty happy during the packing period is to plug in a FELIWAY ​Optimum Diffuser. The diffuser will release "happy messages" that keep your cat calm while you are no doubt under pressure to get everything packed before moving day. Just remember, cats LOVE boxes, so be sure to check that your fur-baby hasn’t snuck into one while packing.


When you’re getting ready to move, think about how your kitty is going to cope with it. You can help in a BIG way. 

If you are able to gain access to your new home before you move be sure to plug in a FELIWAY ​Optimum​ Diffuser in the new house to release "happy messages" into their new home. This should ideally be done 24 hours before your cat arrives in their new pad.

On the day of the move things are going to get hectic for you, but you can keep things cool and collected for your cat. Put your kitty in a room of your house that has been cleared, leaving them their essentials—food, water, bedding, litter tray—and ideally a piece of furniture they can hide under (or one of those magic boxes they seem to love).

You should also leave their travel carrier in the room with the door of the travel carrier wide open to convince them this is their place of sanctuary for the next few hours. Be sure to keep the door to the room closed though—we don’t want kitty getting scared by all those bits of furniture being moved.


If you know cats, you know they're generally NOT fans of being in the car. But on moving day this is pretty unavoidable. Sorry kitty.

Fifteen minutes before you put them in the car, use FELIWAY Classic​ ​Spray on blankets and bedding in their crate or carrier. This will send “happy messages” for the journey so they can be one cool cat.

Read more tips for travelling with your cat.


When you arrive in your new home, try to set aside a room that's just for your cat. Give them all their essentials and leave them be. This will allow your cat to explore the room, get used to the smells and recover from that loud, vibrating thing you call a car.

TOP TIP: Let your moving company know which room your cat is in—you don’t want them accidentally giving kitty a scare when they come in carrying your sofa!


Yes, moving is going to take up a lot of your time, but don’t forget about the special time between you and favourite feline.

Cats need stimulation, so when you're packing and after you’ve moved be sure to set aside time to play with your cat and show them as much love as they want. They’ll also know that you're there for them in their new territory, so at least that hasn’t changed.


Once your new house is safely unpacked, it’s time to let kitty explore their new domain in their own time and way. This is going to be their home and cats love to be curious about where they are.

Plugging a FELIWAY Optimum​ ​Diffuser in multiple rooms will help your cat feel calm wherever they are in the house. This added reassurance will help them while they're getting to know their new home and making sure there’s nothing hiding behind those curtains!

Follow these great tips and before long your kitty will have made your new house their home. They might even be kind enough to let you stay as well. ;)

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