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The Best Christmas Gifts for Your Cat!

With the air getting frosty and the days getting shorter, the festive season is rapidly approaching. And we all know what that means - time to start that Christmas shopping! Giving great gifts can be tricky at the best of times - but have you considered what to get the most important member of the family - your furry friend?!

To help you and your kitty have a purrfect Christmas together, here are some ideas on what to get your kitty for a purrfect festive time.

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Cat

Kitty Toys

Everyone loves toys at Christmas, including your kitty! Cats love to play, and it’s an important part of feline development, helping them to reduce stress and hone their hunting skills. Toys that move are a great option, as they allow your kitty to practice their best predatory pounce! Another item that your cat will get hours of excitement from are catnip-infused toys. Not only does it drive usually-rather-composed kitties crazy, but provides great entertainment for cat parents!

cats at christmas

Scratching Posts

Sometimes the best gifts are things our kitties need. As scratching is a natural activity for all cats, a new scratching post in their favourite spot may be a winning gift! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even change it up a bit with a new style or material. There are lots of options to choose between, from carpet to cardboard, and even stick-on-the-wall scratch boards. Be experimental and see what your kitty prefers.

A Cozy Cat Bed

One of the highlights of the winter months is being snuggled up - something your kitty knows only too well! So why not treat your cat to a new cozy cat bed this festive season? Cats spend a lot of their time sleeping, so a comfy bed to cuddle up in is an absolute must. For more senior cats, a radiator bed is sure to be loved, with extra warmth for snuggly cat naps.

Activity Centres or Cat Trees

Why not bring the adventure indoors this Christmas? Cat trees are a great investment for any household, and often have a scratching post combined with multiple levels for your curious kitty to survey their surroundings. There are a huge variety of these to choose from, with dangling toys and different levels and platforms for your kitty to explore; perfect for exercise, fun - and cat naps!

cat and christmas decorations

Activity Feeders

Mental stimulation is an important part of feline development, so an activity feeder may be the perfect gift for your kitty this year. Cats love a challenge, especially when there’s a reward at the end. With multiple varieties, from maze-like games to balls that release treats as they move, your kitty will be occupied for hours.

Treat Stockings

Of course, we can always rely on the good old fashioned Christmas stocking! Although we want to be careful not to overfeed our cats, treats are a great way to train and reward them. Not only will a little kitty stocking look adorable hanging from your mantelpiece, but it will also be a much-loved gift for your furry friend.

A Homemade Kitty Christmas

Of course, you don’t need to spend lots on your kitty to have a fantastic feline festive period! Sometimes homemade gifts are the ultimate present. So if you’re looking to be creative and show your love with a homemade gift, why not try:

  • Activity feeders - why spend a load of money when you can make your own? There are tons of opportunities to make your own activity feeder using cardboard tubes and boxes. Get creative and see what you come up with!
  • Catnip - for all you sewing extraordinaires! Why not make your own catnip toys by sewing up little catnip pouches for your kitties? If you fancy a challenge, you could even try making little catnip ‘mice’ for them to play with.
  • Cat biscuits - not the arts-and-crafts type? Not to worry. You can always cook up some tasty treats for your kitty to enjoy. There are some great recipes for you to try out. Of course, it’s important to consider your kitty’s diet and what foods they can and can’t eat - nobody wants a poorly cat at Christmas!

If none of these tickle your fancy, nothing seems to do the trick like an empty cardboard box! All those empty gift boxes will probably work wonders on your feline friend.

cats at christmas

Try FELIWAY For a Relaxed Festive Time!

Christmas can be a big period of household change and stress, both for you and your kitty. With visitors arriving, changes in furniture and decorations and more, your kitty may need a little extra support to stay calm. FELIWAY CLASSIC is clinically proven to help keep your cat happy. It may be the best gift you give your cat this year!



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