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Which is the Best FELIWAY Product for my Cat and Me?

Cats are creatures of habit. They like their routine, need their space, and want to have everything just where they like it - from their favourite hiding spots and toys, to their favourite humans!

As a result, even the slightest change to their routine and their normal life can be enough to make them anxious.

Whether these changes are physical (like moving furniture, redecorating, or even moving home) or social (such as new visitors, introducing new pets or having a baby on the way) - they can be stressful for our kitties. Not to mention the changes that have taken place as a result of the pandemic, with constant changes to work patterns as a result of shifting COVID restrictions.

As cat parents, it’s our responsibility to keep our kitties as serene as possible. Here are some ways in which FELIWAY can help you do just that:


Feliway helps in stressful situations

Pheromones are natural messages animals use to communicate with the world around them. These can include:

  • Happy messages. When cats are comfortable and happy, they leave this pheromone by rubbing their face on objects (and sometimes even people!) around them - particularly those that make them feel safe. The presence of these pheromones on objects provides comfort and reassurance to our feline friends.
  • Harmony messages. When our four-legged friends were little kittens, their mother would produce pheromone messages for the litter. This comforted the kittens and created harmony between them.
  • FELIWAY CLASSIC emits the same happy messages cats use to help them feel safe and secure at home. This can help cats adjust to changes within the home and changes to their routine, as well as encourage happiness and prevent anxiety-induced behaviour like spraying, scratching and hiding.
  • FELIWAY FRIENDS help cats experiencing inter-cat conflict. If you have multiple cats in your home, FELIWAY FRIENDS sends appeasing messages to help your feline friends live together in harmony, reducing tension and conflict between your kitties.

FELIWAY uses this knowledge to copy these precise messages and provide comforting messages to our kitties when they feel stressed or anxious.

How happy is your cat? Take our quiz! 

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