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Missed the FELIWAY 25 Cat Lovers Show? Access recording here!

Written by FELIWAY, published on 3 December 2021

Last week, we hosted the first Cat Lovers Show to celebrate the FELIWAY25 Anniversary. We hope all of our attendees had a great time – it was fantastic to host so many cat lovers, and receive so many great answers from the quiz!

Hosted by David Lantin & Amy Hamilton, the Show included:

  • Lovely emotional cat stories from the FELIWAY Community
  • Questions and Answers about cats with Dr Laetitia Barlerin, the famous french veterinarian
  • Video messages from the Jury members
  • FELIWAY25 Awards International winners announcement for each category:
    • Cat Parents: Gizmo and Lisa"
    • Cat Professionals: Cats Only"

If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now access the full FELIWAY 25 Cat Lovers Show  recording on YouTube, just click here:  

The quiz was only available during the live Show - check the game rules here.


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