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The making of the FELIWAY Optimum, the serenity melody for cats video

Written by FELIWAY, published on 5 October 2020

Due to the exciting new technology and discovery that makes FELIWAY Optimum the best ever FELIWAY, we wanted to create a video with the inventor Professor Patrick Pageat to explain it further.

In a house in Bordeaux, France the filming of this video took place in August 2020. See below  behind the scene footage with a very patient cat, called Calao.

Professor Patrick Pageat breaks down the very complex and technical discovery into a simple analogy of notes and music, see the full video:


Every effort was made to allow Calao, to have space and not be too crowded or pressurised.

As you know cats will be cats and Calao is no different

behind scenes of making a video with a cat

…and as you will see not always a willing participant:

cats are not always predictable film stars

And sometimes Calao needed her owners reassurance (spot the arm)…cats need owners comfort during filming

Sometimes people also need coaching (even by themselves)…

learning lines

With FELIWAY Optimum plugged in it was sure to get the movie in the bag:

FELIWAY Optimum saves the day

And thanks to FELIWAY Optimum,  in the end Calao played ball and was the star of the movie:

Cale the cat enjoying the enhanced serenity from FELIWAY Optimum

All the actors together creating a melody of serenity for cats…

Happy Family with FELIWAY Optimum

Have you discovered the long term benefits of using FELWIAY?

Find out more about FELIWAY Optimum 

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