4 Best Kitty Toys for Active Cats

Does your furry friend just love playtime? If you've got a high-energy kitty who likes to keep active then you’ll want to make sure that they have plenty of toys to occupy them and help them exercise!

For active kitties, the best kinds of toys are ones that will keep your cat entertained for hours, are exciting and mentally stimulating. Like people, all cats have their own unique personalities and favourites, so try using a range of toys with your kitty and you’ll soon get to know which ones they love! Also remember to take some time out every day to spend with your bundle of joy and engage in play time - not only is this important bonding time with your cat, but it will also help keep them healthy and happy.

4 Types of Toys For An Active Cat

1. Make Play a Challenge (And A Treat)

For spirited kitties, you’ll want to present them with a challenge. For example, a food puzzle or a toy where the food is inside and the cat has to work hard to get it, is a good way to help them spend some of their energy. If you have a kitty that just loves food or is a bit overweight then this is a great device - you can put their normal food inside the toy instead of using a treat to slow their food intake. Plus, this is a great way to keep your cuddly kitty occupied if you’re out of the house for long periods of time or at work. A KONG Is a good example of a toy that can be filled with treats or even frozen food to entertain your cat and reward them for their hard work.

2. Indulge Your Cat’s Instinct To Chase!

Does your cat like to chase and pounce? If your cat is purrticularly active whilst playing with a toy that they can chase or jump for, then try and provide a couple of toys that enable them to stretch out. For example, a stick or string with feathers/a toy on the end is a very simple but effective way to entice your cat to engage in a chase. They’ll be able to catch it and pounce on it when they get close; this is a great form of exercise for your kitty.

You can also use a laser pointer to do something similar as your cat will try to chase the dot on the floor. However, make sure that there is a toy or something they can physically grasp when they get to the dot - and never shine the pointer near your pet’s eyes! Provide them with a toy after a long session so that they don’t get frustrated from seeing something move but not actually being able to grab hold of it! If you’re out a lot then it may be worth investing in a toy that moves all by itself! For example, have a ball or a fake mouse going round and round that your cat can chase after and get their paws into.

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3. Consider A Chewable Toy

If your kitty likes to get their teeth involved during playtime then you should opt for toys that are designed to be chewed or have small soft spikes that massage your cat’s teeth and gums to keep their mouth healthy. Chewing is a natural need for cats so this will satisfy this need as well as keeping your kitty active! This kind of toy is especially great for a teething kitten - and can help direct their teeth away from your belongings.

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4. Add Height To Kitty Toys

Your kitty might like a toy that is tall; cats just love to stretch their legs or perch up high. A scratching post with a dangling ball attached can be more of an incentive for them to use their post while you can also hide treats all over the house for your cat, especially up high - such as a cat tree. Consider a toy that bounces up and down or a tower that goes round and round. A cat tower toy can keep them entertained for a long time as they push the balls around the tower.

Keep Your Kitty Playful

Toys are a great way to keep your cat active and happy - and use up some of their extra energy. All cats need to have a regular playtime to satisfy a natural need. Consider using FELIWAY CLASSIC to create a comforting and reassuring environment at home, to encourage kitty play and confidence. Just plug the diffuser into the area where your cat spends the most time.

Feliway Classic Diffuser

If your kitty needs a little extra encouragement to start playing with a toy, you can also use some catnip. This is a cheap and natural way of encouraging them to play with a new toy - put it on or inside their toy as an extra incentive!


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