5 ways to prevent kitty conflict

We all love cats. We love all kinds of cats - big ones, little ones, stripey ones, spotty ones, fluffy longhairs, sleek shorthairs.

Once you introduce a cat into your home, you find it IMPOSSIBLE to stop at just one. The more cats the better, right? Right! But it can be heart-breaking when you expand your feline family only to find that your adopted cats don’t get along – forcing you to divide your attention between them.

No one wins when a Cat-Fight breaks out, so here are our five top tips to calm a kitty conflict.


Sometimes cats are born to be best friends. They groom each other, rub against each other and will even happily cuddle up for a catnap together.

We all wish that all cats could be like this - but just like humans, cats have their own ideas and don’t always get on. Evidence suggest that siblings are more likely to be BFFs, so adopt within the same litter for furry friendships!



2 cats drinking from the same bowl

Did you know your cat craves alone time?

Don’t take it personally, your little fluffball’s ancestors were solitary hunters – they are programmed to need time alone. Cats love their own company - and their own set of essentials - so sharing food bowls, litter trays or comfy corners can annoy them.

Avoid possessive pussycats by providing plenty of toys, cozy corners, separate food bowls and, most importantly, equal amounts of love and attention from you.


Your cat loves to be cuddled and played with... by you. They aren’t always so welcoming to other felines.

Have you ever had to avoid that loud colleague at work? Cats will do the same with the rowdy kitty in the family. If they are intimidated, they will find a snug hideaway where they can enjoy some space and quiet.

Just as you have a favorite spot on the sofa, make sure your pet has somewhere to call their own like a cardboard box or a kitty condo.


two cats stare at each other conflict

We wish it was as simple as introducing your pets and watching them walk paw-in-paw into the sunset but just like with humans, cats don’t always fall in love at first sight.

If you’re welcoming a new cat to the family there is no need to rush. Cats can take time to get used to each other’s scent. Gradually increase the amount of time they spend with each other.

To help speed up the bonding process, try plugging in a FELIWAY CLASSIC diffuser. The “happy messages” released in the home will provide reassurance to ALL cats (new cats and resident ones).

It will help your new kitty to settle in quickly and encourage acceptance between all feline housemates.


We all lose our temper sometimes, and cats are no different. They won’t be subtle about it either - if a full-on Cat Fight is breaking out, you’ll see them circling each other like boxers in a ring (fluffy lightweight division, that is).

They might hiss or biff each other with their paws, but don’t shout or try to intervene - this will only agitate them, and they aren’t causing each other any real harm. Give kitty space to calm down on their own.

Want to learn more about the signs of conflict take our quiz: FRIENDS or Foes Quiz.

If conflict has already begun, plugging in a FELIWAY MultiCat diffuser will also help to resolve any kitty conflict, by sending “harmony messages” to all your feline housemates.

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