8 Kitty Stress Signs that FELIWAY Optimum Calms

Does your cat seem a little out of sorts? Are you noticing differences in their habits and routine? Has your cat been exhibiting unwanted behavior for quite some time now? Cats don’t talk, but you will know when there’s something amiss. Sometimes your kitty may need support staying calm in the face of a modern lifestyle!

Cats are creatures of habit, so if you notice they are doing something out of their normal routine, exhibiting unwanted behavior such as peeing outside of the litterbox, or if their day to day activity has changed, you should investigate further. What might be normal for one cat, may also be different for other cats, so if you have a multi-cat household, get to know each cat individually so that you can spot any signs of a stressed out cat and act accordingly.

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My Cat Seems Stressed! 8 Signs To Watch Out For

If you suspect your cat is feeling stressed and less serene than their usual kitty self, there are certain signs to look out for:

  1. Scratching: If your cat is scratching furniture or any vertical surface and not using their scratching post, it could mean that something is not as it should be.
  2. Hiding: Cats do like their secret hiding spots, but if they are becoming more reclusive than normal, try to find out what is disturbing them. It could be that you have had new visitors or guests, and your cat feels unsettled.
  3. Urine spraying: Cats may spray urine in your home if they are feeling unsettled for some reason. They are trying to make themselves feel more secure in their territory. Try and identify any recent changes that may have upset your cat.
  4. Conflict: If you’ve brought a new kitten or other pet into the home, your cat might feel that their territory has been threatened and this can spark conflict between them!  Try and identify what’s causing the conflict issues - it may be as simple as making sure that each has their own resources! Follow the ‘n+1 rule’ if possible so that each kitty has their own bed, food and water bowl, litter tray, scratching post - plus one extra!
  5. Overgrooming: Cats love preening themselves, but if you see signs that some parts of their fur are becoming bald, or if their fur is beginning to become knotted and unkempt, it may be a result of stress.
  6. Disinterest: If your cat is losing interest in normal eating or playtime, under grooming, or if they are laying around instead of undertaking their usual, more active routine, they may need help and support to get them back on track.
  7. Vocalization: Cats can be quite vocal! When they purr, we normally associate this with a happy cat.  Sometimes, however, if your cat starts to purr more than normal, or it gives a low pitched mournful yowl, it could be their way of letting you know they are unhappy.
  8. Eating habits: Another sign that your cat is feeling stressed is a change in their eating habits. If they turn their whiskers up at their normal food, or lose interest in their treats, they may not be feeling themselves. Additionally, some indoor cats that have little to do can overeat as eating becomes an activity to fill some time.

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If you start observing signs of stress, you should consider what might be affecting your kitty: has there been a change in your routine that’s impacted your kitty’s feed times, for example? Are you redecorating? Or are there new or more pets or people around the house? Even a simple move of the furniture can have an impact!  Change and stressful situations can be inevitable, but there are ways to help your cat feel calmer. Always make sure to check with a vet that there are no underlying health issues causing kitty concern!

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How can FELIWAY Optimum Help?

FELIWAY Optimum supports cats showing signs of stress whatever the cause; conflict between cats, changes to the home environment that might seem normal to humans, as well as noises inside or outside the home can all affect how your cat feels. For example, moving home, redecorating or even changes around the home in preparation for Christmas, might unsettle your feline friend.

Thanks to the advanced messaging of the New Feline Pheromone complex, FELIWAY Optimum provides cats with a message of enhanced serenity to support them through any challenging situations. If you’re making changes around the home in preparation for Christmas, moving home or introducing a new member of the household, plugging in FELIWAY Optimum can help you turn your fearful friend into a serene feline! The FELIWAY messages help all cats feel more comfortable and secure in their home by providing reassurance and also helps bring about harmony between cats living together.

However, many of the signs of an unhappy cat can also indicate physical ailments, so it’s best to rule out injuries and illnesses before reaching a conclusion about their mood. Remember, when in doubt, a trip to the vet can help you make sense of your cat’s behaviors and check they are in top condition!

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