A Kitty's Point of View: Secrets of a Happy Cat!


Psst, we cats really do have the purrrrfect life! Want to know my kitty secrets for how I stay so calm, happy and relaxed?

First of all, us cats are always in control - no matter how much my lovely human mummy spoils me, I have the final decision about what I do and where I go. But she knows how to make sure she has a happy cat!

I’ve got everything I need!

My human mummy knows exactly what I need:

  • I have some lovely cosy spots where I can rest or sleep. Sometimes, it’s on the sofa where she sits in the evening and I cuddle up beside her on a cushion, or she has given me a high up shelf with a comfy blanket so that I can have a cat nap during the day.
  • I know exactly where my food and water bowls are, and she has made sure that my sister cat has her own in a separate place. We can each get to our own resources without having to interact - we don’t like sharing!
  • I have a lovely scratching post and that’s quite close to my bed, so that when I get up after a lovely snooze I can stretch and scratch on my post - my human mummy was quite upset when I scratched her furniture - that’s why she got me my own post!
  • My litter tray is in the right location too - she must have read the tips on What do I need for a New Kitten before she brought me home. My litter tray is tucked away in a private area and thank goodness it’s not right next to the washing machine - that thing scares me and I wouldn't be able to concentrate on what I’m doing!


nice grey cat on carpet

It's my way, or no way!

OK, I know I’ve got a bit of a cattitude, but it’s just the way it is….

I do like to be stroked, as long as no-one touches my tummy or my tail (these are very sensitive areas and I would prefer it if no-one touches them unless I invite them to!). But I am very happy when I get stroked around my chin and ears… that’s purrfect!

My humans can be a bit sneaky though. Sometimes they tempt me with treats so that they can give me medicine or check me over. I use my scratching post quite a lot, and that keeps my nails in good shape - but I’ll let them have a look because that way I get the treats!

I won’t just be handled by anyone! I’m quite anxious when new visitors come into the house because they sometimes want to pick me up. My human mummy is very good, though - she explains to them that they should let me come up to them when I want to - which is great. I don’t mind that, and then I might stroll along and rub against their legs. They seem to like that - but they don’t realise I am leaving my scent on them so that I can recognise it next time!

When I’m anxious or worried about anything new, I’ll just jump up onto my safe spot high on the shelf - I know I can’t be touched there!

Routine makes the day run purrfectly!

Each morning when I wake up, I like to know what’s going on. I’ve got my own routine and like to do the same thing each day - that’s why I got quite anxious recently when my humans decided they wanted to decorate! Why would they do that? Everything is just purrfect at the moment. I know where my favourite spots are, I know how far to leap to get onto my high-up spot.

The walls seem to be a different colour to me, they seem to be more blue to me (although I've heard that humans see colour better than me!). As long as they put the furniture back where it belongs, I’ll be very happy with that.

In amongst all the decorating, they have still remembered to put my food out at the same regular time and I can get in and out through the catflap on my own so my daily routine in the garden hasn’t changed.

I always take time to have fun!

Playtime is important to me too and I usually fit this in at the same time every day - normally when the kids come home from school. I like to play chase the mouse on the end of a string, or pat the ball with a bell in it.

Playing keeps me stimulated and searching for treats in a puzzle keeps me busy for ages!

happy cat playing

Beauty sleep is obviously a big priority for me!

I love my cat naps and I snooze in all sorts of places - under the hedge outside (with one eye open in case a real mouse tries to sneak past), on the sofa on that comfy cushion, on my humans’ bed when they’re not around, or high up on a perch where I can’t be disturbed. It’s amazing how many times I can snoooooze each day!

I’m a Cool Cat!

I know that I’m in control and that’s cool! But I feel particularly chilled out in the room where my humans have plugged in a FELIWAY Classic Diffuser because that makes me feel extra serene and secure. It’s magic stuff this FELIWAY and it’s definitely one of my secrets!

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