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F.F.A.Q (FELIWAY Frequently Asked Questions)

We know our lovely FELIWAY fans have some important questions about FELIWAY products to make sure you're getting the best from them. So, here are a list of frequently asked questions with answers to help light the FELIWAY.

1. Should I unplug the Diffuser when my cat is not here or during the night?

Absolutely not! Diffusers should be left on for 24 hours a day as this gives your cat the best

possible chance of continuously receiving those “happy messages” to help your furry friend feel safe and comforted at home. The only time to unplug the diffusers is to replace the refill every 4 weeks, even if there are a few drops still remaining. You don’t want it running out and your fur-baby not having the amazing benefits of FELIWAY, and neither do we!

2. Where’s best to plug in the Diffuser?

Why, an outlet of course! Preferably with a minimum clear distance above the Diffuser of 5 ft just to make sure all the “happy messages” can make their way around the room to soothe your little kitty companion. And don’t worry, our Diffusers come with a plug that fits with the electric systems of the country of purchase, just don’t try and use the same Diffuser with a different voltage. Tempting as it may be, our Diffusers shouldn’t be used with an adapter, extension lead or voltage converter in any situation.

3. Where should I put the Diffuser in my house?

An EXCELLENT question! The best location for your cat companion to feel the “happy messages” of the Diffuser is where your cat spends most of their time. You might think putting the Diffuser in the hallway is a good idea, after all hallways connect to all parts of your home and kitty walks through them, but it's not ideal. Your kitty is like you, a hallway is simply a way of travelling from one room to another, so it's better to put the Diffuser in one of those rooms. You'll probably find your kitty starts to spend more time in the room with the Diffuser in it. So, put it in the room you are in, that way you and your little furry buddy get to spend lots of time together.

It’s also worth noting that if there’s a particular spot in the house where your cat scratches, where they are not supposed to or goes to the bathroom outside of their litter box, try placing a Diffuser there. If you're using FELIWAY MultiCat, a great way to make sure your many furry babies are getting along and not fighting, be sure to put the Diffuser in the room where your cats spend the most time and in particular the room you've noticed fights breaking out.

Remember, don't put the Diffuser behind furniture and leave it on all the time to get those lovely "harmony messages" circulating around the house for a peaceful, friendly multiple cat home.

4. Where should I NOT plug in the Diffuser and why?

Like cats - which we all know are highly intelligent creatures - our Diffusers aren’t huge fans of cold and draughts. So, it’s best to keep the Diffuser plugged in away from things like air

conditioners, air vents, or exhaust fans. Unlike cats our Diffusers don’t like open windows or doors, they are less curious than cats. Having our Diffusers around these things means all those “happy messages” are escaping your home and not helping kitty, that makes us sad so try and avoid it.

Our FELIWAY “happy messages” will be blocked if the Diffuser is plugged in:

  • Behind a door
  • Underneath furniture e.g. sofa or a shelf
  • In any socket without a clearance of 5 ft above it

Like your feline friends FELIWAY Diffusers should be warm to touch. This is perfectly normal, it means it’s doing its job of sending those “happy messages” all around the room. But keep an eye if you plug the Diffuser into an incorrect outlet or an extension lead, these can cause the Diffuser to get too hot and then not release the “happy messages” as we intended.

Finally, refills should never be plugged into other Diffusers that aren’t from FELIWAY, however

FELIWAY CLASSIC and FELIWAY MultiCat refills and Diffusers are compatible.

5. Is it safe for my baby when the Diffuser is plugged in at home?

100%! FELIWAY is completely safe for humans of all ages. Our “happy messages” are specific to cats not humans. Good for cats, fine for people.

6. When should I not use the Diffuser?

Unfortunately, FELIWAY Diffusers cannot help with all problems, sorry. If your cat is experiencing any of the following situations FELIWAY won’t be able to help:

  • If your cats do not have access to an individual food/water bowl and litter box (per cat).
  • If your cat has no access to a scratching post - it will scratch your walls or furniture instead because scratching is an essential need of cats.
  • If your cat has no access to a clean litter box - it will urinate in your home.
  • If your cat is urinating, hiding or eating less for medical reasons - it is important to consult a veterinarian to rule out any potential medical issues.

7. Which FELIWAY Product is right for me and my cat?

So glad you asked. Because it’s important to get this right, mostly for your cat but it means you and kitty will be the best of friends.

If you have multiple cats and they are fighting, bad kitties, then you need FELIWAY MultiCat. If your kitty is spraying or scratching in the home and they are your only cat then FELIWAY CLASSIC is the way to go. If they are spraying or scratching and you have another fur-baby living with you it might be a sign of them not getting on so FELIWAY MultiCat will likely be your new friend.

To find out which FELIWAY product is best for your cat take our Happy Cat Quiz for some more great tips and advice for you and your cat.

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