What's Your Cat Character? Your cat is friendly!

Friendly Cat - the purr-fect pal!

Your cat is just as loving as possible!

Always purring, kneading, and leaning on you, or rubbing their head on anything they can. Your cat is loyal, friendly, and well-adjusted, often as a result of splendid socialization and excellent experiences as a kitten. Rarely seen in a foul mood and very likely to live in harmony with other friends. If your friendly cat changes character, be sure to see a veterinarian as many common conditions can induce irritability or pain that can change a cat’s personality.

Make sure to always reward the good behaviors and your cat’s positive attitude with plenty of love, praise, play, and treats.


To provide additional support use FELIWAY CLASSIC which helps calm and comfort cats at home and prevent signs such as spraying, scratching or hiding. Its continuous effect provides constant support for your cat and helps nurture your relationship with your cat, by creating a loving environment at home. This can be very useful if you have to do something you cannot avoid and don’t want to hinder your cat’s fantastically positive life… such as moving to a new house, vet visits, leaving your cat for a long period or redecorating.


Feliway Classic Diffuser



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