Happy Cat Collection

Legend has it, cats are not social creatures. That they only seek loneliness, and a quiet life.

Although it is absolutely true for the latter, cats can prove themselves to be social animals. But bear in mind our modern lifestyles often conflict with their needs.

Still, with little knowledge of cats’ needs, you may live a happy life - filled with petting and purring-with your furry-cat-ball.

A happy cat sleeps on your lap

Jasper & Una are one lovely pair of cats. Prior to their adoption by a loving family, it was them against the world, and their new parents too. But then, everything changed:

“To ease their transition, we put a FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser in the apartment before they arrived. For the first few weeks, Jasper and Una both spent a lot of time hiding or hissed and snapped when we got near them. However, within a month, they were both curling up on our laps.”

Does your cat love you? YES!

That’s Buddy’s story. As soon as this adorable ginger boy has had his tail amputated, he began to hide from his family. He used to spend most of his time under the bed. The trauma had made him more stressed than he used too. His family tried to help him out to restore his confidence and their relationship so they could be happier together:

We ordered a starter kit which arrived on Sunday and I plugged it in immediately.

This morning, Monday, he jumped on the bed to say hello, he played with our dog and was much more himself.

This evening, he jumped on my lap, padded around and finally fell asleep with me, which he hasn’t for what seems like an age, so lovely to see him, almost himself again.”

Cats have their very own way to tell you they love you.

Make cats and humans happy together

A happy kitty for a happy family.

When a cat’s not happy, it means all the family can’t be fully happy. Gizmo’s family has been delighted when Gizmo “has started playing and will sit with [them] now”.

The long term and continuous use of FELIWAY insures that Gizmo is relaxed at all times. Thanks to the FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser, they “can’t wait to see her become the calmer happier cat that she’s becoming”

Feliway Classic Diffuser

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