Should I Try Home Remedies to Stop Cats From Scratching the Furniture?

Does your cat like to give their claws a workout on your furniture? Don’t worry! If your cat is a scratcher, there are many home remedies you can try to limit misdirected scratching.

From scratching posts, to homeopathic options, to scientifically proven solutions, we’ve listed a few ways to stop that furniture scratching!

2 Home Methods To Stop Cats Scratching the Furniture

Scratching is a normal and essential need for your cat, it leaves them feline good! It helps them stretch their back, file their claws, and communicate their territory to other cats, which helps them feel happy and secure. But, even though scratching is a natural behavior, there are ways to combat inappropriate clawing - you don’t have to accept a shredded sofa! Though you shouldn’t try to stop your cat from scratching completely, there are some easy steps you can take to direct scratching away from furniture and carpets.

cat in the sun on his cat tree


1. Provide your cat with a scratching post

A scratching post or tree is, of course, a great way to redirect scratching. When you provide an interesting, and always accessible place for your kitty to scratch, you’re giving them some options to direct those claws away from furniture.

But as you know, cats are individuals! Depending on your furry friend’s feelings, it may take a little while to get them interested in a new scratching post. If you can, it’s important to make things fun and easy. Make sure the new post is located by your kitty’s bed so they can have a morning scratch. Also, think about the type of post you choose. A post or tree that is twice as tall as your cat’s body will allow for full stretching! Sturdy, high, and vertical scratching posts with sisal rope are often the most attractive (think tree trunks!).

Lastly, if you have more than one cat, make sure each has their own post. Cats don’t like to share, so any competition may cause them to go back to your furniture!

2. Homeopathic home remedies to deter scratching

Did you know, when your cat scratches, they leave “territory messages” behind that they find comforting. This means they have a reminder to scratch again and again, to say ‘this my space!’So if you want to stop return clawing on your favorite armchair, you first need to remove all existing messages.

Be sure to provide your kitties with a scratching post so that they have somewhere else to mark their space and never spray your cat as this can make them afraid and damage your bond with them.

Cats may scratch more often if they feel uncomfortable or fearful, so never try to scare them off!

Do Home Remedies Work?

Using home remedies may work for some cats, but others may not be so susceptible - and home mixtures are not scientifically proven.

cat paws and claws on a sofa


What Other Scratching Solutions Are There?

If you’re not seeing results with a home method, you can use FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray. Scientifically proven to redirect cat scratching, FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray can be applied daily to areas of unwanted scratching after they have been cleaned with water and soap.

This releases “happy messages” which reassures your cat and stops them from returning to scratch. And luckily, FELIWAY is only detectable by cats so you won’t experience any unwanted smells!

Be sure to never use FELIWAY CLASSIC on a scratching post as this would stop your cat from using it. 

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