How To Keep Cat Entertained At Home

Cats love having fun JUST as much as we humans do - and sometimes even more! Fortunately, we know all the best ways to keep your fun-loving furballs entertained, so you'll NEVER run out of ideas!

6 tricks to keep your indoor cat entertained and happy

1. Time for toys!

Who doesn’t love toys? Whether it’s a game console, our phones, or the TV, we all have our favorite ways of staying distracted when we’re at home. Cats are the same - they need a variety of exciting playthings too!

Some kitties love having moving electric toys that they can chase, and others love scratching posts to keep their claws healthy. Better yet, you can turn your home into a feline adventure playground by getting your kitty the gift of a cat tree - a combination of scratching posts, platforms, hanging toys and hidey-holes which your best friend can climb onto, into, over others love and under to their heart’s content!

Not only will the many possible configurations of your cat tree keep kitty occupied for hours, but it will draw their attention away from scratching up your precious human furniture. If they need a bit of extra help to get them interested in their cat tree, using FELISCRATCH will make it even more appealing to them!

Make sure you have lots of different toys, and that different ones are available at different times - this will keep your kitty on their toes and stop them getting bored!

Cat playing


2. Let’s go exploring!

It doesn’t all have to be electric toys and multi-platform cat trees though! Sometimes your puss will simply be happy with a cardboard box, a tube or a paper bag.

Kitties are natural explorers, they love finding new spaces - and even more than that, they love squeezing themselves into those spaces to get nice and cozy! Boxes, tubes, and bags provide endless opportunities for games of hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo… you could even try filling a box with toys and cutting holes in the box so your kitty can ‘hunt’ the toys inside and flip them out!

Boxes, tubes, and paper bags are a free, safe and easily replaceable way for your furry pal to indulge their love of crinkling, rustling and tearing noises, while - again - keeping your furniture completely safe. YAY!

IMPORTANT: remember to cut the handles off paper bags before letting your kitty play with them, as these can be dangerous for your cat!

Cat hiding


3. Hunting is a fun thing!

Cats love treats, they love toys, and they love hunting. So why not combine all three?

Food puzzles are a great way to get your kitty mentally stimulated by playing with a toy that will reward them with a tasty snack. Imagine if every time you won your favorite game on your phone, the game gave you a delicious chocolate. That’s exactly how your beloved cat will feel!

Alternatively, why not try hiding and scattering food around your home for your kitty to hunt down and find? This means your feline friend will be using their mind AND their body, and they certainly won’t be getting bored!


Cat discovering


4. A window on the world!

Sometimes it is just fun to gaze out of the window and watch the world go by - even for kitty-cats! Just keep your eye out for any other cats or animals outside that might be worrying your own furr-baby.

If all’s well and your cat enjoys their window-gazing, help them out by putting a shelf or a piece of furniture close to the window to give them a good view outside - kitties love experiencing the world from a high position, so leave the blinds open and windows closed so your cat can enjoy this simple form of entertainment safely!


Cat watching


5. Help kitty relax!

As we all know, the most enjoyable thing after a long day of excitement and adventure is often just chilling out to the max - so you need to make sure that the place where your cat sleeps is as relaxing and fun as it can be!

Your cat’s bed should be super comfy, and they should always have access to it whenever they fancy taking it easy. They’ll be even more relaxed if they have all their essentials nearby - food, water, litter box, scratching post - and a few toys scattered around will help kitty stay mentally stimulated while they’re getting their chill on! You can also plug in the FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser near your cat’s sleeping area - this will make them feel even MORE relaxed in their chill-out zone!


Cat sleeping


6. And finally…

...never forget that your favorite kitty is having the most fun when they’re playing with their

favorite human. You’re the best toy in the world: a cat tree for climbing, a bed for sleeping on and a buddy for playing with - all rolled into one! So even if your cat gets bored of paper bags and electric toys, they’ll always be able to have the best time ever with their best friend in the world: YOU!

Cat petting


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