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Cat Needs

Understand your cat

A Kitty's POV: Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

Our cats love to curl up on us and have a catnap! But why? Let’s find out from a cat’s point of view…

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Cat Handling

9 Signs Your Cat Likes You - Plus How to Build Your Bond!

There is a misconception that cats don’t show love and affection to their owners and that purring is the only indication they give to let us know ...

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Tips and Advice

Controlling Kitty Claws! Tips to Cut Your Cat's Nails

As a wonderful pet owner, you take care of your kitty’s every need to make sure things are perfect for them! From ensuring they have plenty of space ...

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Understand your cat

Curious Kitties! Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much?

There’s nothing quite like a good cat nap!

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Happy Together

9 ways to create a purrfect relationship with your cat

Is your feline friend the kind of kitty that welcomes you when you come home? Do they like to curl up on your lap in the evening? Or are they a ...

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How Much Space Does a Cat Need?

Theoretically, you’d think you need less space for a cat than a dog, wouldn’t you? After all, cats are generally smaller than dogs (with the ...

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