When is International Cat Day - and How Can You Celebrate?

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What is International Cat Day?

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In 2020, International Cat Care took over custodianship of International Cat Day from the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) who created it in 2002. International Cat Day  is held annually on the 8th August and its purpose is to raise awareness for cats, and learn ways to help and protect them.

Cats are truly international! Did you know that they are becoming the world’s most popular pet? According to PDSA research in February 2020, there are now more pet cats than pet dogs in the UK (10.9 million cats : 10.1 million dogs), and in China (where owning a pet is becoming more popular) predictions show that by 2022, there will be 171,186 cats as opposed to 136,109 dogs! The global cat population is estimated to be as high as 600 million!

That’s a lot of purring!

So, what better time to make sure your cat continues to be happy, and to strengthen the bond between you and your kitty than on International Cat Day!  

How to Celebrate International Cat Day

We all love our cats and celebrate the enjoyment they bring to us on a daily basis. Adopting and looking after our furry friends comes naturally to us. We know they can be very independent, they don’t like change, and we have learned to read their body language, so we try our best to keep them happy and ensure our homes and routines are as cat-friendly as possible!

So on International Cat Day, try the following with your furry friend :

  • Spend extra quality time with your feline friend - perhaps playing their favorite games or try something new.  
  • Be inventive and create a new game that will encourage their natural curiosity, like a new cardboard box for them to explore, or hiding treats for them to find.
  • Curl up on the sofa and give your cat extra ‘me’ time and stroke them gently around the ears (or their their favorite spot)!
  • Encourage your kids to join in: they may enjoy doing a Cats Quiz - for example, they can learn How Cats Speak to Each Other, or see if they can determine How Happy is your Cat? These are not only fun but will also help your kids learn lots about their furry feline friend!
  • Spend time at your local cat sanctuary helping to look after other feline friends.
  • Don’t forget to share photos and posts on social media showing how you and your cat are celebrating together! Purrhaps you could share some mind blowing stats about cats, for example:
    • Ancient Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows when their cat died as a sign of mourning
    • The longest jump by a cat was by Waffle the Warrior Cat who jumped 213.36cm in 2018!
    • Evidence for the oldest known pet cat comes from a 9,500 year old grave discovered in Cyprus
    • The cat with the longest fur is Sophie, a rescue cat, whose tail fur measures 25.68cm at the longest point
    • The reported oldest cat ever was Crème Puff who lived for 38 years and 3 days, with Baby coming very close at 38 years!
  • Also on social media, why not promote local cat charities who are looking for new homes for their feline residents, or share some cute cat photos or videos with your friends.
  • Share the benefits of being the proud owner of a cat. In the Spring of 2020, Cats Protection in the UK surveyed over 10,000 cat owners which showed:
    • 91% said that their cat is part of their family
    • 59% said that cats offer companionship, relieved stress and loneliness
    • 87% said their cat brings them joy!
    • 90% said the best thing about having a cat is sitting down with them at the end of the day and stroking them

Think about sharing the love:

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Helping Your Cat Be Happy on International Cat Day!

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We are cat lovers, so we make sure our cats are happy every day - but on International Cat Day, we need to make a special effort! But remember that cats are party poopers, so International Cat Day is not a day for partying with lots of noise - they will only disappear to their favorite hiding spot until everyone has gone!

They will enjoy the day even more if you:

  • Make sure you give them their favorite cat food - and of course some favorite treats!
  • Make sure all of their resources are accessible, like their scratching post and their litter trays.
  • Fluff up their favorite cushion and sit it in a sunny spot for their regular cat nap
  • Play their favorite music on the radio (did you know that music has a soothing effect on cats and they prefer classical music to heavy metal?).
  • If you’d like to create an extra relaxing environment in your home, you can help your kitty feel more comfortable and serene by using Feliway Optimum all year round.
  • Keep to their routine - remember cats don’t like change!

International Cat Day is a day to raise awareness for cats, learn how to protect them all - whether they share their home with you, are a local cat, or even a feral cat.

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