Why Cats Fight?

Just like humans, cats each have their own unique personalities! As all cat owners know, our cats are individuals with their own preferences and personality traits. Some cats are extremely friendly and sociable, whereas some are more independent - we all know a kitty who needs their alone time!

As a cat parent, you may notice that your cat doesn’t want to snuggle up to or sleep near your other kitties. But in other cases you may see a kitty friendship developing quickly and easily! It can take cats eight months to a year to develop a feline friendship. Yet while some cats will grow to love each other, some just never become friends - and it’s important not to force them!

There are many reasons why your cats might not want to be purrrfect pals;

Reasons Why Cats Fight?

1. Territory,

Cats are territorial so they may fight over space.

2. Resources,

Cats like to have their own resources often private from other cats. This can include even your attention.

3. Threats,

They may also get their claws out if they feel threatened or uncomfortable!

Are You Sure You Have Cat Conflict?

If you are not sure if cats are friends, in conflict or play fighting, see our interactive app FRIENDS or foes which shows different interactions between cats and advises the things to look out for.

How Can You Reduce Cat Conflict?

So what can you do to help your kitties get along? Luckily there are a few steps you can take to give them the best chance of a blossoming friendship. See our short guide how to stop cats fighting or more detailed article 7 step guide on how to get cats to get along.

How To Prevent Cat Conflict?

Most importantly is the first introduction between cats, this must go well. To ensure it goes well read our 7 tips on introducing cats together.

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