Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? A Kitty’s Point of View!

My human is the center of my world and the one who makes sure that I have everything I need, so I do try to be a good companion to her and repay her with as much love and attention as I can.

But I know that some of my feline friends don’t feel the same about their humans – in fact, they are quite independent and prefer to find a quiet place away from the general hustle and bustle of the house – but I do like to climb on to my human’s lap when she sits down.

Sometimes, I think she would prefer me not to jump on her lap – particularly if she is working from home, but I am only trying to help her, apart from the fact that I do love chasing that cursor around the screen!

Why do I follow my human everywhere?

Although some say that us cats can be a bit snooty and independent, it’s not always the case, believe me!

cats and human laying on hammock feliway optimum


When my human sits down to watch the TV in the evening, I love snuggling up on her lap, and I’ve heard her saying that when she strokes me, she feels relaxed too. I’ve heard lots of wonderful stories about cats helping their humans – I particularly love the one about Hermione whose human calls her ‘her little shadow’!

I miss you!

I love my human’s company and I miss her if she’s not around – particularly if she goes away for a weekend break. I know she makes sure I’ve got everything I need and she even gets the next door neighbor to pop in and check if I’m OK, but it’s not quite the same.  I make up for it when she returns home and I follow her everywhere just to make sure she doesn’t go away again!

I’m hungry!

Sometimes, my human forgets what time of the day it is and she might be a little late in giving me my supper. So I have to remind her as best I can, and that’s by following her around until she gets the message. A gentle meow! normally does the trick!

I’m just plain nosy!

I like to call it ‘being curious’! I follow my human around if I’m bored, too, because she always seems to be doing something interesting:

  • When she is sorting out the laundry, I’ll jump in the basket so that I can keep her company – it’s also very comfy in there with all those clean clothes.
  • I love following her into the bathroom!  There’s lots to play with in there, like toilet rolls and towels hanging over rails and dripping taps. I have lots of fun in there, but she won’t let me in there on my own – I think she’s scared I might drink the water in the toilet after she’s cleaned it – toilet cleaners can be very dangerous for cats. When I was a tiny kitten, she was scared that I would fall into the loo and drown, so she always made sure the lid was closed – unfortunately, the men in the house didn’t always remember to do that, so she would tell them off!

cat sitting in moms lap while she works

It’s my routine

There are certain times of the day that I like to have some fun – normally early in the evening because that’s when me and my feline friends feel very energetic and frisky! But it’s also the time that my human either grooms or plays with me, and if she gets involved in doing other things, like feeding the rest of the family, I follow her around in order to get her attention and remind her that I want some ‘me’ time as well.

Don’t worry!

If your cat doesn’t follow you around, this doesn’t mean they don’t value your companionship – different breeds of cats have different personalities. For example, a Ragamuffins are generally very affectionate and will probably follow you around everywhere, as will a British Shorthair.  But some cats are more independent and like to keep to themselves a bit more and only interact with humans on their terms.

What cat am I?  Well I’m a domestic shorthair and I’m ginger – so I know I’m special!  

I am sure you love cats, too (or you wouldn’t be reading my post!) but remember if you notice any change in your cat’s behavior and you don’t know the cause, get them checked by your vet as there might be a medical reason for this.

Remember, too, that if you plug in FELIWAY Optimum in the room where your cat spends most of their time, it will help them feel more comfortable and secure.  I’ve got one and it really helps me to relax.

Now, where has my human gone? I’ll just go and check…..

cat and mom doing yoga