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body language

A Kitty's Point of View: Why Does My Cat Slow Blink and Wink?

Meow! Meow! Blink! Blink!  I wonder if my humans can understand what I am trying to say to them?  It’s very important that they understand my body ...

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My Feliway

Which is the Best FELIWAY Product for my Cat and Me?

Cats are creatures of habit. They like their routine, need their space, and want to have everything just where they like it - from their favourite ...

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cat wellbeing

How to Create a Happy Easter With Your Cat!

As well as religious celebrations, Easter is a time we associate with cute bunnies, lots of chocolate, Spring flowers and fun activities such as ...

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Which type of cat parent are you?

What will you do to make sure your cat lives in kitty luxury at home?

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Why Is My Cat Peeing On The Carpet?

Instinctively, cats are clean creatures; you will find they spend up to 50% of their time grooming to make sure their coat is in tip-top condition! ...

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Happy Together

13 Ways to tell if a Cat is Purrrfectly Happy!

Do you sometimes wonder how happy your cat is? Cats are independent creatures and sometimes they can give you the impression that they are quite ...

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What to do if you think your cat has anxiety

Anxiety occurs when an animal anticipates something unpleasant or negative might happen. They will express their anxiety in different ways and may ...

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Understand your cat

Curious Kitties! Why Do Cats Hate Water?

If your cat hates to be near any kind of water, they are not alone! An aversion to getting wet is perfectly normal kitty behaviour.

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Cats and lockdown

Ways Your Cat May Help You Through Lockdown!

In an unusual year, having pets around the home has proven to be very welcome! But did you know, our cat’s companionship has been proven to have ...

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How To Introduce A New Partner To My Cat

Introducing your cat to a new partner, housemate or any other human fixture in your life comes with the same risks and rewards as meeting the other ...

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